Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Hangover is a very commonly faced trouble world wide. It is basically uneasiness experienced by a person who is a average consumer of alcohol. There has been various complaints people do. These are

1.head ache
2.upset stomach
3.guilty consciousness
4.bad mouth taste
6.temporary memory loss

Following are the causes that cause hangover

1.drinking with empty stomach is the most common cause
2.drinking fast without any break
3.poor health condition
4.dehydration in the body
5.lack of proper rest and sleep

Home Remedies

Consume juices rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) helps in easy break down of alcohol thus prevents from hangover.
Consuming good amount of water helps in draining out the excess of alcohol that is responsible for hangover
Honey is also very helpful in avoiding hangovers
It has been seen that vitamin B decrease the time of hangover.
Cold fomentation on forehead also relies from headache caused due to hangover.
Taking bath with warm water also relieves from the symptoms of hangover.
Chocolate milk at bed time is highly beneficial in avoiding hang over.
Consuming banana early morning helps in relieving from hangover.
Always eat some carbohydrate snack before consuming alcohol of any sort.
Slowly drink the alcohol so that it easily get absorbed hence does not affect the brain.
Consume pizza or pasta as a snack so as to prevent hangovers.

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