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Academic Qualifications of India’s Famous Writers & Authors

In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of Indian Authors and their award winning Novels and books. But, ever wondered if writing was their first career? Many of these established Authors started their career in different fields and later realized their passion for writing. Following is a list of some popular authors with their academic qualification and their first career.

Anurag Mathur – Educated at the Scindia School (Gwalior, India).

He earned his bachelors degree from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and his masters from the University of Tulsa. Anurag Mathur’s first career was in career in journalism and publishing.

Khushwant Singh – Educated at Modern School, New Delhi, Government College, Lahore, St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and 

studied law at King’s College and qualified as a barrister from the Inner Temple. He started his career as a Reader for the Bar at the Inner Temple.

Chetan Bhagat - Educated at Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, 

New Delhi. Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute Of

Top 5 Strangest and Most Unusual Temples in India

India has strong roots of spirituality and religion. There are various religious and spiritual places to visit in India. The spiritual land of India is home to 64 crore deities. There are seven sacred cities in India namely Mathura, Kashi, Haridwar, Ujjain, Kanchipuram, Ayodhya and Dwarka. The other Holy cities are Rishikesh, Amritsar and Bodhgaya. That makes a total of 10 must see Spiritual destinations in India. Apart from the above mentioned spiritual destnations, there are few strange and most unusual temples in India. Following is a list of Top 5 such strange temples.

Chinese Kali Temple, Tangra, Kolkata
There is nothing different about the Kali idol. But, at the time of Kali puja one must have a look at the bhog (prasad); it comprises of noodles, chop suey, rice-and-vegetables dishes. Tangra is a small Chinatown in the heart of Kolkata. A large number of Chinese population lives here since generations. Though they are predominantly Buddhist and Christians but here stands an unique symbol of cultural syntheses- a Chinese Kali Temple.

Trishund Ganapati Temple, Pune
As the name suggests “Trishund” actually means three trunks. Amidst of narrow lanes of Somvar Peth area of Pune lies a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. This Ganpati temple was built in between 1754 – 1770 AD. It was constructed by Bhimjigiri Gosavi. This is also supposed to be the only temple in Pune that is built in

Charkha Mera Rangla by Chitra Singh

Kothey Te Khalo Mahiya - Asa Singh Mastana & Surinder Kaur

Teriyan Mohabbatan Ne Maar Suttiya

Mohammed Rafi - Heer Ranjah Punjabi opera prt 5 - HEER

Gori Diyan Jhanjhra

punjabi sangeet (playlist)

Ajj di diharhi - Surinder Kaur & Parkash Kaur

Surinder Kaur and Parkash Kaur Ni Mainu Deor De Viah Wich Nach Lain De N...

Mera Loung Gawacha

Baba ve kala Maror

sanu buk nal paani pilade

Ve Le De Mainu Makhmal Dee Parkash Kaur A Punjabi Song..

Chan Ve Ke Shokan Mele Di, Surinder Kaur And Narinder Kaur.

Mery lagdi kisse na wekhi shamshad begum film lachhi music by hansraj be...


lang aaja patan channan da yar lang aaja surinder kaur punjabi folk geet...

Sui Ve Sui - Surinder Kaur & Parkash Kaur