Thursday, September 20, 2012

Incredible Warli Paintings

The Warli tribe comprise of of about 300,000 people and lives about 100 miles from Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, India. They speak a language that has no written form, have their own traditions and religion. For thousands of years, women of the tribe rendered intricate paintings on the walls of their earthen homes during times of festivals and marriages as an invocation and blessing. Warli art is the traditional art form of the Warli Tribe located in Maharashtra, India. Their art gives form to tales that have been handed down through generations. The compositions all have a story to narrate about the culture and rich history of these very simple people.

                                               Harvest  Dance

                                               Water Fetching

                                                 Village Scene

                                      Source of rain :God of rain on work

                                          Factory in the village

                                          A Thief  in village

Awesome paintings of Anand Mali

Awesome paintings by Ajit Choudhary

Amazing paintings of Jagannath Paul