Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rare “NakhaChitra” (fingernail sculpted art) by Suhas Tavkar

Word “NAKHACHITRA” comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language of the Hindus for the Fingernail sculpted art, which is created just by using own fingernails (God-given fingernails as a basic tool to write and draw) without using any artist tools, machine or hand press. "Nakhachitrakala" (fingernail sculpted art technique) is one of the world's rarest, ancient, unique and unknown art form. If you wana know more about this beautiful art of Mr. Suhas Tavkar , here is the link

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Banana Oxidization art

Tonico Lemos Auad, a Brazilian living in London...
creates drawings on bananas in a show at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts for the Beck's Futures 2004 art prize. Auad draws on the bananas with a needle, a hitherto neglected medium for graphic art. (When you cut through the skin of the fruit it oxidizes and turns into a black line.)