Wednesday, April 04, 2012

We Are Indians

You have to vote here and Please read the post before you feel proud to be.......
North Indians
South Indians
any other (plz specify)______________________________

Hi all.....There is a poll above to get a feel of pulse of what do we think about ourselves.....there are few questions in my mind which I am putting here.....

1. Have you ever compared and found your religion is better than other's

2. Have you ever tried to help others despite the fact they dont belong to your community/religion

3. Do you support Inter-religious marriages....would you go for it despite the disapproval from your community/religion........

4. If there ever occurs a communal riot.......would you help and fight for your community.....or would you be helping the victims....without knowing what community do they belong to.

5. Here's a situation.....In your are 10 people out of which 2 comes from a different community, would you try to make them feel home (here I mean to say to make them feel normal) or would you try to tell them "boss, there are eight of us here and just two of dont try to mess with us

6. When you are abroad, amidst the people whom you dont know......would you feel like introducing yourself as from a particular religion or from your nation.

7. Can you leave your religious prayers, specially when you know that it would not be help somebody in grave pain.

8. Do you visit a temple, mosque, church or gurudwara without thinking about them belonging to other religions?


let's all say

we are proud indians

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  1. Anonymous4/04/2012

    I am proud to be an Indian.....Jai Hind..


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