Saturday, September 08, 2012

Traffic lights

Uni-Signal Traffic light
Uni signal here is saying, that we have been using round traffic lights for ages now, with only the red-amber-green-colors for aid. How about prepping the system and broadening the spectrum of usage (by colorblind people) and change the shape of the lights! Triangle-Red-Stop, Circle-Amber-Stay, Rectangle-Green-Go! If nothing else, it looks swanky and now we can teach tiny-tots shapes and colors in one go!

Hourglass Traffic Light
Sand Glass concept illustrates the remaining time before the light changes by showing dropping pixels like a real hourglass. 

Street Lamp Traffic Light
To reduce clutter and visual distraction on the streets, Mobius Strip Lamp combines traffic lights and a street lamp.

LED Traffic Lights
LED displays are being integrated into modern traffic lights and signs.

Projected Traffic Light
Virtual Wall concept projects laser images when traffic light is red.

Droplet Traffic Light
Solar powered traffic light design features screens that display useful information like current weather and news.

Countdown Traffic Light
Innovative traffic light design features a countdown timer that displays how much time is left before the light changes.

All in one pole traffic light
Rather than install separate poles for traffic lights, why not put them on existing ones and/or trees? That's the idea behind this clever design by Gisung Han, Hwanju Jeon and Jaemin Lee.

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