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Chakravyuh - Hindi Movie Review and Critics Ratings

Chakravyuh - Hindi Movie Review
Average Rating: 2.7/5
(Based on web reviews)

Adil Khan (Arjun Rampal), Rhea Menon (Esha Gupta) and Kabir (Abhay Deol) are friends at the police training institute. But Kabir’s tempestuous ways gets him kicked out of the program. Years later, Adil decides to take up a posting in a dreaded Naxal infested area where the Mahanta Group is trying to kick start their mining project. 

Even with all his honest efforts, Adil only ends up getting ambushed at the hands of the Naxal leader Rajan (Manoj Bajpayee). When an 

injured Adil comes to meet his friend, they hack up a plan of infiltrating the Naxal group to obtain first-hand information. Chakravyuh tries to grapple with too many nexuses in the movie, but gets bogged down with the script and mediocre performances. 

October 24th, 2012
Roshni Devi

Rampal's performance is wooden and, in certain parts, unintentionally hilarious. Ditto for Gupta as his wife Rhea, an impossibly good-looking police officer who favours spaghetti tops and shorts post work hours. Deol and Om Puri, as Govind Suryavanshi (a Marxist, clearly inspired by Kobad Ghandy), are competent enough, saddled as they are by the one-dimensionality of their characters. 

Chakravyuh is, ultimately, a victim of typical Bollywood excesses. A little more subtlety, a little less jingoism, and it might have worked better.

October 23rd, 2012  
Suprateek Chatterjee
Hindustan Times

This is, without doubt, Arjun Rampal's most accomplished act. Sure, the actor has impressed you in the past [ROCK ON!! in particular], but his act in CHAKRAVYUH is an eye-opener. Watch him confront his friend [Abhay] or the one in the finale... this is a new Arjun completely. Abhay gets the nuances of his character most accurately. In fact, the casting for this part is just right, with Abhay looking vulnerable and determined, as he decides to listen to the voice of his conscience. 

Manoj Bajpayee may've portrayed diverse characters all along, but you can never accuse him of being repetitive. The depth in his performance is sure to leave you awe-struck. Anjali Patil is a complete revelation, a prized find. She's sure to catch you unaware with her furious and power-packed performance. Esha Gupta is confident, but not convincing enough for this part. A more mature actress would've added weight to this character. 

Om Puri is exceptional. His look, his expressions, his dialogue delivery... everything stands out here. Murli Sharma is admirable in a brief, but vital role. Kabir Bedi is effective in a cameo. Chetan Pandit leaves a mark. S.M. Zaheer and Kiran Karmarkar are perfect. 

On the whole, CHAKRAVYUH is an engaging drama. It chronicles a burning issue, but is entertaining concurrently, something that Prakash Jha balances beautifully in film after film. Watch it!

October 23rd, 2012  
Taran Adarsh

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