Thursday, September 06, 2012

World's Most Expensive Saree--------Price Rs. 40 lacs

How often have you come across a Rs. 40 lakh Silk saree? 

Chennai Silks  , a textile unit has come up with one 
Of its kind and it is seeking an unmistakable entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most unique and expensive saree. 

The exceptionally stunning saree is meticulously woven with 12 precious stones and metals to depict 11 of Raja Ravi Verma's popular paintings. Explicitly projected is 
'Lady Musicians', one of the painter's very famous works that displays women belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Besides, the border of the saree pictures 10 other paintings of the artist that pays tribute to 20th century artist. 
The best part of the saree being that the women in the paintings are intricately hand-woven and beautified with jewels of gold, diamond, platinum, silver, ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, sapphire, cat's eye, topaz, pearl and corals. 

Already in the Limca Book of Records, this 40 lakh saree will be the first silk saree that required the use of 7,440 jacquard hooks and 66,794 cards during the weaving process. Moreover, a group of consummate workers took nearly 4,680 hours What ingredients can make sari most-expensive? Fabric, Jewels, Designer brand, or the heritage carried by it. Anything else? Kindly add paintings to your limited options. It has been made possible as a silk sari woven with 12 valuable stones and metals replicating 11 famous paintings of Raja Ravi Verma would create a space for itself in Guinness book of world record with a price tag of Rs 40 Lakh. 

To be identified as a 'the world's most expensive sari' for sure, it is designed by handloom weavers of city-based textile house 'The Chennai Silks' and portrays Verma's renowned art work of 'Lady Musicians' featuring women choir from diverse enriching milieu. The border of the sari flaunts 10 paintings by Ravi Verma, which can be seen as a tribute to the celebrated artist. Trinkets made of gold, ruby, diamond, emerald, platinum, silver, yellow sapphire, sapphire, cat's eye, topaz, pearl and coral are all incorporated to embellish the women attribute in the paintings, via convoluted hand woven process. It is being claimed that the production of the sari consumer 4,680 man hours of the highly-skilled weavers, using a double warp. 

This is the first silk sari ever produced using 7,440 jacquard hooks (active in interlacing a design) and 66,794 cards (that helped in punching an explicit design using CAD software). The sari has already entered the Limca Book of Records and would be a unique swathe for a would-be bride....


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