Monday, June 10, 2013

Some Amazing Facts about India

1.The Writer of famous " OM JAI JAGDISH HARE" Aarti is Shraddha Ram Phillauri.
2. Rabinder Nath Tagore has written national anthem for two countries India And Bangladesh.
3. There is a French electronic band named “Masala Dosa.”
4. .A sugar company in Andhra provides rocket fuel to ISRO.
5. Viswanathan Anand is first player in chess history to have won the World Championship in three different formats: knockout, tournament, and match.
6.  India is one of only 3 remaining countries in the world to have a horsed cavalry regiment.
7. Agni III is the most accurate missile in the world in its range category and BrahMos is the fastest operational cruise missile in the world.
8. Lonar Lake, a saltwater lake in Maharashtra, was created by a meteor hitting the Earth and is one of its kind in India.
9.  Raj Kapoor’s 1951 film Awaara was massively popular in Soviet Russia and China. The film and its title song were Mao Zedong’s (Founder of People’s Republic of China) favorite.
10.  India Post allows you to order personalized stamps with your picture on them.

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