Thursday, March 01, 2012

New units of indian currency

Lacs & Crores no longer work -as least count -too many zero's to handle so we talk of Lac crores etc
And as part of Globalisation, one unit which works best is $Bn, but not understood properly in India
But for India another simpler system also emerges
The huge amounts mentioned in the recent scams have an upside: they have given us convenient new units for communicating large figures:

Rs 1,000 crores     = 1 Radia
Rs. 10,000 crores  = 1 Kalmadi
Rs 1,00,000 crores= 1 Raja

This will make it easier for us to easier to comprehend and communicate large numbers. For example:
Anil Ambani's new home in Pali Hill will cost Rs 4.5 Radias
India’s total annual subsidy on kerosene is Rs 2 Kalmadis
ONGC’s annual output is worth Rs 1.2 Rajas
India’s loss in the 3G scam is approximately Rs 1.7 Rajas
Poor Pramod Mahajan left behind only Rs 1.4 Radias
and finally we can even convert indian population into this system for easy handling

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